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5 Tips to Maximizing Cloudy Beach Days

A cloudy storm moving in on the shore

Although dull and dreary days on the coast may not seem to be all that thrilling, it can actually be a great experience to venture out in the shade of the clouds. Before taking your trip, though, make sure to don your sun protection - even with overcast skies, UV rays are still damaging.

The UV Index is related to the amount of radiation an individual will be exposed to at any given time. When there are heavily overcast conditions, up to 90% of the UV-B radiation can be blocked by clouds. Conversely, the 'broken cloud effect' describes the condition that partially cloudy skies can lead to higher UV levels than an entirely clear day, with research showing that DNA damage can be increased by as much as 40%. This is due to the fact that partially cloudy skies can raise UV-B levels by 25%.

Let us turn our attention back to the question: how should one spend a cloudy day at the shore?

A couple embracing on the beach with their two dogs, perfect photo opportunity

1. Take photos. On overcast days, some of the most beautiful and breathtaking photographs can be captured. When was the last time your family got together for a photo session? Grab your actual camera - not just your cell phone - and start snapping away, taking in those special memories with loved ones.

When the skies are cloudy, light is evenly spread, which eliminates both intense shadows and spots of illumination. This results in gentle light, ideal for taking family photographs. In contrast, bright, direct sunlight can create strong shadows that can mar the quality of the picture. By comparison, when it is cloudy, the light is radiating from all directions, making it easier to capture an aesthetically pleasing photograph.

A small child digging in the sand with a toy shovel

2. Search for sharks' teeth or shells. When the sun is hidden behind the clouds, the light from the sky is muted, creating a more hospitable environment to explore and hunt for unique items in the surf and on the beach.

Why not take an empty jar and fill it with your mementos? Whether it's sand, rocks, shells or some other trinket, keeping these special memories will help bring a smile to your face and add some character to your home. You could even surprise your grandmother by adding one of your discoveries to her next letter - she will be delighted!

3. Read a book. On the same note, with the sunshine hidden behind an overcast sky, it's much simpler to see the words on the pages without the brightness obscuring the view. Why not take it a step further and make a special picnic that is themed around the book you are currently reading? It would be a fun and memorable way to experience the story!

A man meditating on a rock along the shoreline

4. Take time to reflect. When you venture out to the shoreline on a misty, foggy, cloudy day, you can experience something profoundly spiritual. Seize this moment and take advantage of it by doing yoga, meditating or engaging in a meaningful prayer. You can also savor the tranquil, hushed atmosphere that the ocean can bring on days like this and make use of it to cherish some quality time for yourself.

5. Walk. Let the weather inspire or refresh you, as nothing else can quite compare to the experience of taking a leisurely stroll, feeling the ocean beneath your feet. So, when the sky looks cloudy or the morning news gets too heavy, take a break and bask in the salty smell of the ocean air. And when you're on holiday, don't confine yourself indoors if there's rain - take advantage of the opportunity to explore the changing views of the sea with a splash of rain and an umbrella!

A man walking looking into the ocean's waves coming on shore

Strolling through the sand is a unique and special experience that has far greater health benefits than walking on a flat and rigid surface. It activates and strengthens the muscles in the feet and ankles as they are working harder to take each step. Plus, beach walks also help burn more calories.

It is especially helpful for those who have pain in the joints and lower back as the sand absorbs much of the impact, reducing the strain on the body's bones and joints. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore is a soothing melody to the ears that helps to relax the nervous system and create a feeling of peace. It is almost as if being in direct contact with the sand itself can have a grounding effect on our mental state.

The immense health benefits of walking barefoot on the beach are countless. Sand serves as an all-natural exfoliant, which sloughs away dead skin cells and leaves the soles of your feet silky-smooth. As you traverse through the sand, you’ll be developing increased strength in your muscles connecting the feet and back - namely, the calves, quadriceps, and glutes. Moreover, due to the extra resistance that comes with walking on the beach, research has shown that beach walks are even more effective for weight loss than their counterparts on pavements. To top it all off, the impact of sand walking is lesser than pavement, greatly reducing the risk of any sort of injury.

The next time the sky is gloomy and grey, forget the notion that the perfect beach day should always be sunny and crowded with people in their bathing suits. Instead, don a pair of rubber boots and venture out to enjoy the raw energy and powerful waves of the vast ocean.

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