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Gifting is our specialty. We are making the experience simple for you, taking care of the quality, process, style, personalizations and occasions. Behind the scenes, our ultimate goal is to create memorable, meaningful gifts to them, yours and our mutual focus: the recipients of gifts.


We are creative and detail-oriented so you don't have to be. We are serious about stylish distinctive gifting. We want them to feel appreciated and you to be remembered.

Coming up with the right gift isn't always the easiest thing to do. We take the pressure off of you and design a one-of-a-kind gift to coordinate with your theme, company brand, and message.

Then, we carefully hand-dress each gift, making sure every detail is tended to. Once ready to go, we address, ship, and track every gift.


It's that simple.



Working with various departments and budgets within your company makes straight-forward pricing key.

That's what sets us apart.


You select a budget per gift. We design something unique to meet that budget and handle the details.


We do everything we can to maximize your dollar and to bring value to your client or employee.   


To get started, simply select the dollar amount you want to spend per gift and then add the number of gifts you need. We have a minimum order for custom gift projects of $1,500.


Include your purpose for the gift in the form at checkout. We will articulate it eloquently in a gift.  


Once you place the order, we get right on the design process.  Be sure to include a working contact email. Typically, design mockups are sent within 2-3 business days.


Adjustments may be made at this point. Once the design is finalized, we will begin to fulfill your order. We estimate approximately two to five weeks before shipping.* We will keep you updated along the way and notify you with tracking information and updates. 

*Lead times can change based on product availability. We recommend ordering as early as possible during the busy Holiday Season (September-December).



You've created a one-of-a-kind experience for someone, just with the push of a button. Nothing left to do now, just relax and wait for us to inspire you with our creative mock-up ideas.



We want to make the process as easy as possible. However, we realize every company is different, just as every gifting occasion is different. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. Never hesitate to reach out to us at with other questions.

Do I have to have a minimum order for custom orders?


Yes, we require a minimum order of $1,500 for custom-designed baskets. If you don't need that large of an order or need something faster, we can work to send a mix of similar gifts stocked with products we have on hand. 



Can my company decide what specific items go in the gifts?


Please let us know if you would like a specific type of product such as a blanket or chocolate included as part of your gift. We're happy to accommodate.


We hand-select items for each gift and although we cannot guarantee the availability of specifically named products, we will do our absolute best to accommodate each special request by incorporating a similar type of item. Please indicate such requests during checkout.

Please note, any changes, including but not limited to, packaging, shipping courier or time, or contents will be at the Buyer's expense.


Can my company include our logo in the gift or send our items to Harbor 17 to include in the gifts?


We will gladly include your company’s logo on a letterhead or notecard. Currently, we do not offer custom logos on the actual gift items themselves.


However, companies may send us their items such a branded products, business cards, or gift cards to be added to the custom gifts already purchased. The additions should be detailed in your order form prior to the designing process beginnings as it could affect the overall design of the gift.


Any pre-approved additional items should be mailed to our address. Additions to your custom gifts will add to the overall shipping time and possibly shipping rates. If you have questions about a specific item you would like to include, please contact us with any questions prior to your purchase.​


We reserve the right to use discretion concerning what we will add to custom gifts including, but not limited to, adding multiple items with logos and branding. To preserve the integrity of the intention of the gift, we have purposed our business to indulge and celebrate the recipient. We carefully create an experience that will shower them with appreciation and leave a positive perception of you, the gifter. We cautiously avoid anything that might leave them feeling like a target of marketing.


Can a bottle of wine be included in the gift?


Currently, we do not ship any alcohol. We happily including gift items such as corkscrews or barware if desired. Please include any specific requests in your order form.

What happens if a gift is returned to the sender?


We provide tracking to you for every order. In the unfortunate event that a gift is returned to us, the sender, we will notify you immediately. Returned gifts because of an incorrect mailing address we received will have a repackaging fee of $10 plus the additional shipping fee to resend. All shipping invoices must be paid prior to reshipping the gift.

Please note, it is the Buyer's responsibility to follow up with the recipient to be sure that delivered gifts were in fact received. Harbor 17 is not responsible for lost or stolen gifts. We will do our best in assisting you with any claim the Buyer wishes to pursue. An additional same or similar gift may be purchased to replace any lost/stolen gif and Harbor 17 will work to expedite the order.



Can you send various size gifts with the same order? Can you send two similar but different gifts, for example, one to men and one to women?


Yes, you may order different size gifts in the same order to meet the minimum order requirements. 


And, yes, we will happily send two "versions" of the same gift. Simply note the request in your order form and give a quantity for each.

For additional notes or requests for an order, please email us at We respond to emails within 1-2 business days. 


Please note, that we take great pride in delivering consistent and high-quality gifts. We love small businesses and support them by including their products in our gifts. As each gift is hand-packaged with small-batched made items, there may be minor cosmetic or artistic differences in each gift. On rare occasions, substitutions may occur. Under no circumstance will quality or value ever be compromised.


Always feel free to get in touch. We love making your job easy! ​Email us any time with questions or specific requests at! We are happy to help!

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