A portion of each Harbor 17 sale is donated to Samaritan's Purse Women Programs created specifically to prevent, protect and address the immediate needs women and children in unspeakable danger.


We believe each person should be allowed basic human needs and the safety to flourish and become their own unique blossom in this world. We believe each person has the innate capability to bring something beautiful and special to the world around them and we want to be sure they are given the opportunity to do so.

"Women all over the world face the dark reality of abandonment, exploitation, and abuse. Samaritan’s Purse works to reach the most vulnerable of these with the light of the Gospel. We meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women through programs like abuse prevention, safe migration and trafficking awareness, general/maternal health and infant care, vocational training, family counseling, and discipleship."

"What We Do - Women's Program," Samaritan's Purse International Relief, www.samaritanspurse.org (2019).