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Preschoolers enjoying play while attending Yezelalem Minch school.



Thinking about the overwhelming worries and heartaches of this world, it can be paralyzing. We can easily be discouraged, often to the point of doing nothing. 


However, doing nothing isn't an option for us. We are greatly blessed and to truly enjoy a blessing is to share it. 

When we first learned of Yezelalem Minch, we fell in love with the willingness of one lady to refuse to become paralyzed by the overwhelming circumstances surrounding her in her home of Ethiopia. 

The story of Birtukan's reluctance to do nothing while Ethiopia's catastrophic number of orphan cases enveloped the streets she walked, was inspiring and encouraging. She was face to face with an inconceivable estimate of 4-6 million children left orphaned by parents affected by the AIDS epidemic.


So, she took one orphan on. And another. She willingly became a single mother to these lost children. As she married Nesibu, and with his loving support, they now serve their entire community with a holistic approach to the complex situation. Building up Ethiopia one family at a time.

Their story is beautiful. Their impact, immeasurable.

Yezelalem Minch means “everlasting spring” in Amharic, the primary language of Ethiopia. The phrase comes from the Old Testament book of Isaiah:

And if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry
and satisfy the needs of the oppressed …
The Lord will guide you always …
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

– Isaiah 58:10





We may not be able to solve all of the worries of the world, but we can do a little bit. We can make that first step and have faith in the ones to come. For Birtukan, what started as helping one abandoned child, has become a thriving and effective organization impacting their entire community. Over 1,800 children have found homes, been provided health care and education, and ultimately opportunity and hope.

We are committed to providing a portion of every sale to help Yezelalem Minch continue to make an impact on the beautiful lives of the Ethiopian people. We believe each person should be allowed basic human needs, including the safety to flourish and become a unique blossom in this world. We believe each person has the innate capability to bring something unique and special to the world around them. We want to be a part of giving them the opportunity to do so.

Take a look at Yezelalem Minch's Preschool Program

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