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Three colorful gift boxes for constant contact gifting

Tier No1 | Year of Gifts

Gifting a client should by no means signify the end of a partnership. Rather, gifts are a great way to communicate your desire to develop a long-lasting relationship with them. Keeping your company's brand front and center of great clients is an easy way to keep the momentum going and create brand loyalty.


We've created an annual subscription for the clients you want to stay in front of the most. Throughout the calendar year, they will receive stylish, high-quality gifts, keeping your name and brand fresh in their minds as they go about their buying decisions. 


Each Tier offers gifts and notecards to be delivered to an individual or a company. After purchase, we will send you a quick questionnaire. From there, we customize your gifts and cards for when they will be scheduled for delivery.


Have multiple clients? No problem! Simply add the number of gifts at the desired Tier and we will create a cohesive gifting program just for you.


Never has personalized marketing been so easy!




6 Gifts + 4 Cards


1 - $150 Introduction Gift

3 - $50 Seasonal Gifts

1 - $100 Holiday Gift

1 - $100 Anniversary Gift

4 - "Thinking of You" Cards

    Price Options
    Annual Gifting
    $500.00every year until canceled

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