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Picnicking Like a Pro

beach scene with blanket and picnic basket

Nothing quite compares to the enjoyment of spending a summer day with friends and family outside in the fresh air and sunshine - and what better way to do that than with a delightful picnic! Not only will everyone be able to savor the joy of spending quality time together, but also be able to enjoy a dose of fresh air and sunshine. With just a few simple steps, you can get your picnic plans rolling and the anticipation can already begin!

Pick Out the Right Picnic Bag

If you're in the market for a picnic bag, you've come to the right place. Consider the size of the group you'll be feeding. If you're going for a larger party, think about a bigger option like a market basket, backpack, or cooler. Or, if you plan on bringing an array of items, a bigger bag might be more practical.

In your search for the perfect bag, it's crucial to select a high-quality material that is waterproof, tear-resistant, and easy to wash. For this purpose, we'd highly recommend one of our sophisticated totes!

canvas tote for picnicking sitting on the beach

Our Nicolas Vahé Canvas Tote makes transporting food and drinks for you or a small group of people a breeze. Not only is it highly convenient to carry with its 14" x 2" x 14" size, it's also durable and built to last. Get your hands on this quality canvas bag without breaking the bank!

Carry Non-Breakable Items

Regular glass containers may come to mind when considering an alternative to paper, however, something more suitable and not breakable is ideal. Enamelware and stainless steel containers make excellent choices as they are perfect for picnics; they are lightweight and waterproof too.

Bring Something to Do

Making your picnic a hit can be a breeze. To ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves, consider bringing along some enjoyable activities suited for any age. From cards to frisbees to blowing bubbles, the possibilities are limitless and all within budget. If you don't want to haul around any additional supplies, simple, traditional pastimes like eye-spying or singing will work just as well. It's a great opportunity to get creative with friends and family and maybe even make up some of your own songs!

two girls reading together on the beach while enjoying a picnic

Enhance your outdoor adventure with a read-aloud! Bring along a book, or two, to create a unique and enjoyable experience. For a special twist, why not try a choose-your-ending style book?

Engaging in pleasant chatter with family and friends can be easily done through shared activities. This helps maintain a cheerful atmosphere and promotes stronger relationships and developing bonds. For instance, going for a picnic is a great idea for groups that often work together, as the departure from the mundane routine will be invigorating and can rejuvenate the workplace, promoting a healthy atmosphere for collaboration.

Have an Eco-Friendly Menu

Celebrating spring and summer with a picnic is an excellent way to get some fresh air and enjoy some tasty treats. But to protect the environment you relish visiting, remember to pack all of your food in reusable bags and containers. Incorporate reusable dishes such as an Acacia Wooden Cheese Board or the Zero Waste Stainless Steel Container to make sure you don't create any unnecessary waste. To complete your outdoor feast, please make sure to carefully dispose of all of your litter in the appropriate containers, or bring it home with you to avoid leaving any debris behind. An additional way to show kindness is to pack some extra grocery bags as a makeshift trash bag and pick up any litter that may be scattered in the area. This way, you can leave the space nicer than when you arrived!

Storing and Serving the Drinks

A summer picnic should always include plenty of drinks to keep everyone hydrated. To make sure it is easy to serve and transport, have the drinks ready in advance and in a container that keeps them cool. Include a selection of nutritious and delicious beverages - homemade lemonade is always a crowd-pleaser! As a bonus, adding some local fruit can add a splash of color. For an upcycled, non-toxic solution, fill frozen water bottles to keep drinks chilled.

Have a Bug Plan

If pesky insects are uninvited guests to your picnic, it is essential to create a Bug Plan. Here are some useful tips to keep the number of bugs to a minimum.

Firstly, select an area to set up your picnic blanket which does not have many trees. Insects love to live in trees, so you should avoid setting up your picnic too close to one. In addition, pay attention to small bushes since they also tend to harbor bugs.

Also, remember to bring an all-natural bug spray in your tote bag to spritz exposed skin away from any food or serving pieces. Citrus and peppermint scents can act as natural bug repellents and are harmless when used around food.

Finally, to deal with pesky flies, all you need is some water and old pennies. Put the pennies (the older the better) into a clear bottle of water and set them around your picnic blanket to help keep flies away.

Some Extras You Shouldn't Forget

No picnic is complete without the essentials - food, drinks, and a few other key items. Blankets, sunscreen, a camera, a hat, plates, and utensils are must-haves to ensure an enjoyable day. It is a smart move to bring a little extra money in case of parking fees or other unanticipated expenses - such as a tasty treat from an ice cream truck! Trekkers should make sure to bring a map of the surrounding area. Additionally, always be sure to bring paper towels for any unforeseen spills.


picnic at a beautiful lowcountry coast with ancient tabby ruins

When most people think of a picnic, images of pleasant summer days with lush green grass come to mind. Accompanying these visions of sunshine are delicacies like special dishes and bubbly drinks. For some, a picnic is a time for bonding with family and friends on a picnic blanket, chatting away as they savor the seasonal flavors.

A well-packed picnic tote is essential to make your outdoor meal enjoyable. You will need to find a roomy bag to store plates, a blanket, and tasty food. Organize the contents of your bag to avoid any spillage and mess. After everything is ready, gather your friends, family, or even colleagues and enjoy a relaxing lunch in the fresh air. Or, why not make it a solo picnic? Picnicking could just be the activity you have been missing out on!

Here is a Quick Rundown of TEN Benefits of Picnicking:

  1. Breathing the great outdoors' CLEAN AIR is good for the lungs

  2. Fostering a feeling of belonging with FAMILY BONDING

  3. Allows for MORE COMMUNICATION between the parties

  4. And, is also a time for SELF-REFLECTION

  5. HEALTHIER MEALS from homemade goodies instead of processed foods

  6. The games, sports, and nature walks KEEP YOU ACTIVE

  7. Sunshine and fresh air are great natural MOOD BOOSTERS

  8. Plus, a little Vitamin D is good for STRONGER BONES

  9. Headed outside to eat is a natural STRESS REDUCER

  10. SAVES MONEY by eating from your fridge (Plus, parking is usually a breeze.)

couple enjoying a lunch picnic at a park


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