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2018 | "Yes, Please!" Recipe Award

We're announcing 2018's "Yes, Please!" Recipe Award. [Drum roll, please.] And, the winner is....

Orange + Almond Olive Oil Cake

An orange Almond Olive Oil Cake with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

Our favorite recipe for the year is modestly sweet, amazingly moist and ever so versatile. At Harbor, we tend to lean on the sweeter side of things (especially in the way of chocolate), but even for those of you who aren't big sweet fans, this one will have you convinced that a little sweetness goes a long way.

We love this cake for several reasons.

1. Versatile: this cake is good for any occasion, simple or elegant; for any season, warm summer days or in the dead of winter. There really isn't a time this cake wouldn't be well suited.

2. All-Around: this cake speaks to all kinds, those who love sweets and those who might otherwise skip dessert.

3. Adaptable: this cake has wiggle room to modify and make it your own (or to just use the ingredients you actually have handy).

4. Moist: soooo....oooooh moist. AND, it becomes moister over time. Yes, this cake can set for days and in only becomes moister. So, don't worry whether it will be eaten in time, because it just gets better by the day - if it actually lasts for days!

5: Taste: this cake uses olive oil as a subtle contrast against the citrus. The cake is a melt-in-your-mouth kind of cake, with lingering flavor, nothing harsh. The almond in the cake is distinctive, yet the cake is delicate enough to enjoy with other complex flavors.

6. Texture: the texture of this cake is soft and a bit spongy, yet sturdy enough to cut into small sizes for finger-food size bites.

Sliced almonds and powdered sugar on top of orange almond olive oil cake.


Whatever the occasion, whether a birthday party or a baby shower, a potluck, or a formal reception, this cake is simple and classy. Like a little black dress, good for all occasions.

And, because of its great texture, this cake can be baked and cut into just about any shape or size you need. It is so moist, yet it will not fall apart on you.

The orange citrus flavor is welcomed throughout the year, whether on the warm days of summer or during the festive Christmas season. We just know this cake will quickly become your signature flavor all year long.


Coming from the beautiful land of Italy, The Orange + Almond Olive Oil Cake uses traditional ingredients from Italy, maximizing local flavor. Combining the citrus sunny flavors with nutty undertones, one is immediately transported to rolling Tuscan hillsides.

Besides, if there is one thing Italians know how to do, it is food! Just as everyone loves pizza, everyone is going to love this cake! Not too sweet, not too orangey, and not too bland. Just right.


It seems to never fail that when you find the p-e-r-f-e-c-t recipe, you also find that you are shy about one unusual, obscured ingredient that requires driving past your local grocery, and onto a specialty store. We have you covered. Not only does this recipe consist of straight-up basic ingredients, but you also can adapt and modify the recipe a bit to fit your needs.

To be such a delicate and beautiful cake, this recipe is relatively simple and easy to do. Additionally, we have substituted lemon in place of the orange: A-MAZING! Drizzled dark chocolate ganache over top: Oh, yes! Cut the sugar back a bit or partially substituted brown sugar, mixed in white-wheat flour and cake flour on the occasion. Every time, this cake turns out simply wonderful. So, don't be afraid to experiment with the flavor a bit. And go for it with the toppings. Ice cream, fresh whipped cream, raspberries, add a touch of maple or bourbon, maybe?