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Gift Cards? Are You Getting Your Bang For Your Buck?

Christmas presents for clients and employees can be tricky. However, customized presents offer a way to show you care and that you recognize their individual contribution.

Hand-curated custom Christmas gift basket decked in silver and gold

With the holidays just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about corporate Christmas gifts. If you're like most people, you want to give a gift that is both thoughtful and useful - yet many executives and HR teams opt for gift cards as a way to show their appreciation.

While gift cards may seem like an easy option, they can actually be quite impersonal. Your clients and employees are unique individuals, so why not give them a gift that reflects that? Personalized gifts are a great way to show how much you appreciate someone's business or hard work.

If you've been considering moving away from the impersonal gift card this year, here are a few reasons why personalized gifts make the perfect client/employee Christmas gifts:

1. They Show You Appreciate the Person, Not Just Their Business

Giving a gift card can seem like you're just trying to buy someone's business. A personalized gift shows that you appreciate the person, not just their business or their loyalty to your company. A gift card clearly puts a dollar amount on that person's "value" and is one of the first things the recipient will process when receiving the card. There is no immediate "price tag" hanging from a personalized gift.

Plus, you've likely received an unexpected gift that took you by surprise at some point in your life. A gift that touched you with its thoughtfulness and care.

It's those types of gifts that show how much someone cares. You want your clients and employees to feel appreciated, not just part of the process. So why not surprise them with a gift that's been thoughtfully personalized just for them?

2. You Can Choose a Gift That Matches Their Personality

When you're choosing a gift card, you're limited to the amount on the card and the store where it can be used. In an attempt to be convenient, companies often opt for gift cards from big box stores but fail to take the opportunity to support local, small businesses, even if they themselves are small businesses. But when you choose a personalized gift, you can pick something that matches the person's personality and support local small businesses.

This requires you to know your clients and employees fairly well. After all, if they're worth giving a gift to, it is worth knowing a bit about them. A personalized gift shows you've taken the time to think about what they would like rather than just picking something randomly.

3. Personalized Gifts Can Be More Affordable Than Gift Cards

If you're working with a tight budget, you may think that gift cards are the only option. But you may be surprised to learn that personalized gifts can actually be more affordable than gift cards. The yearly average of wasted gift cards is around $3 billion, so you're not doing your company any favors by opting for gift cards. Plus, the value of the card naturally depreciates as inflation goes up.

Plus, many people are more likely to appreciate a gift that's been personalized for them. You don't have to break the budget to show how much you care. A simple yet thoughtful gift can go a long way.

4. Thoughtful Gifts are an Invest In Your Corporate Brand

Investing in your corporate brand is essential, especially if you want to attract and retain top talent. By showing your employees that you care about them, you're sending a strong message that they are valued members of your team.

When your team members and clients feel valued enough for a personalized gift, they're more likely to feel valued in their roles. This can lead to increased productivity and loyalty, both of which are good for your bottom line.

Get Creative with Your Personalized Gifts

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing personalized gifts. Get creative and think outside the box to find something your clients and employees will love.

Consider a warm and inviting candle that your team can use to relax after a long day. Or give a gift basket that combines unique and thoughtful items that showcase your gratitude for their business.

The sky's the limit when choosing the perfect personalized gift. Here at Harbor 17, we design each gift with high-quality, ethically sourced items that make choosing the perfect gift easy and meaningful. Just make sure that you put some thought into it and choose something that will be appreciated. Your clients and employees will thank you for it!

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the full Harbor 17 catalog of corporate gift ideas. At Harbor 17, we are committed to providing tailor-made gifting solutions for our clients that are guaranteed to impress. We make it easy for you to find the perfect gift, no matter who you're shopping for.

Harbor 17 is your one-stop shop for all things gifting. Browse our website or contact us today to learn more. We can't wait to help you find the perfect gift!


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