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Corporate Gifting in 2021

What is corporate gifting?

Two business women having coffee. Corporate gifts can be a traditional way to build relationship bonds in business.

Corporate gifting is a concept that all different caliber companies use as a sign of attentiveness and appreciation.

The recipients of these gifts are usually employees, clients, and third parties. The senders are usually businesses large or small and even business individuals.

Woman working from home, conducting business from laptop in kitchen during quarantine due to COVID19

Corporate gifts are meant to show gratefulness and positivity towards someone’s work or business relationship. These gifts are not only appropriate for the festive season and national holidays, but they are also a great way of celebrating all-year-round team achievements and progress and adding support and kindness to challenging times. Many companies all over the world chose to send gifts to their furloughed and working employees during COVID-19 to show their care and solidarity. This initiative was unquestionably a valuable, meaningful gesture that ensured people and their companies are united and kept them at the core of the business regardless of good or less favorable times.

Personal vs Impersonal

Sometimes, determining how personal a gift should be is a massive part of the planning when it comes to corporate gifts. Is it too personal? Or should it be more personal? No one would want people to think the effort wasn’t dedicated to choosing a generous gift. On the other side, it’s also not desirable that people would think you wrongly assumed what they like. However, choosing something that means enough and sends the right message is not very tough. We have done the research for you and based on your company and information, we can make sure you get the right amount of personal and impersonal to treat your gift recipients to a loving yet an appropriate gift.

Special Gift Ideas

A beautiful neutral-colored spa gift basket with high-end clean bath and body products.

Taking into consideration the challenges we are all facing now, with people spending most of their time inside, the most wonderful gifts include…pampering! Just the right amount of coconut bath cream running next to a sense-releasing, aromatic candle, along with a calming “high-tea” and a good book - that’s the dream hamper that can never go wrong. Add a special thematic of either woody, forest fruits, or ocean vibes and you can change someone’s stressful day into a well-deserved relaxing escape. Gifts should carry a positive meaning behind them and if you have the chance to remind people to focus on their well-being and happiness, then take the chance and make someone’s day great!

Organic fair trade chocolate in various flavors for personalizing gift.

The best aspect of our gifting service is that gifts are always customizable, no one person and their tastes are the same, so businesses are able to pre-choose the flavors and scents and even add an extra special something that represents the company and unites the spirits. Nice gestures will always be a great resource for companies to remind others of the great connections people have and how important and valued everyone’s role is.

Want to learn more?

Our TAILOR-MADE page explains the gifting services we offer and may answers many questions about gifts for your clients or employees that you might have. However, for more specific questions, we're always available at

Just need a quick gift? We have that, too! Find all of our curated gifts for purchase on our GIFTING page.