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Natural Sea Sponges + Loofahs

Natural Sea Sponges + Loofahs

Ditch the toxic and abrasive scrubbers for a gentler and more luxurious cleaning option. Wild and native, these natural exfoliants are rich in nutrients and healthier for you and the environment. With maintenance, a natural sponge can last for years. Did we mention that many of the inexpensive synthetic poufs can take over 100 years to decompose? 


Want to know more about the benefits of using natural sea sponges? Check out our blog on the subject for answers and tips!

  • Details + Dimensions

    All of our natural sea sponges and loofahs will have natural colors and variations due to the nature of the product. Additionally, some remnants of sea life may remain in the sponges. It is suggested to submerge the sponge in water to cleanse out any remains. 

    Instruction: Allow your sponge to dry thoroughly between uses. Natural sea sponges have permeated enzymes that inhibit mold, mildew and bacteria. Good cleansing practices include soaking in a baking soda and water solution, or peroxide and water solution every few months.

    Large Sponge: Approximately 6" x 5"

    Medium Sponge: Approximately 5" x 4"

    Loofah Sponge: Approximately 4" x 2 "

    For more information and tips, check out our blog post: Surprising Benefits of Using Natural Sea Sponges.

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