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Surprising Benefits of Using Natural Sea Sponges

Natural Sea sponge for Bathing

What are Natural Sea Sponges?

Natural sea sponges are pieces of soft, porous, marine life that are used for cleaning. They originate from underwater sea life called sponges, which are colonies of thousands of tiny animals, or phylum Porifera. Each sponge is unique and the species vary in size, shape and color. Sea sponges are a healthy, natural, and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic sponges and have been part of beauty routines for centuries.

Natural sea sponges are the oldest cleaners in the world. They function by filtering water through their pore-filled bodies. They are safe to wash every part of our bodies and face and they help to keep them clean and healthy. Natural sea sponges are soft and gentle to the skin. Sea sponges are hypoallergenic and do not irritate, provoke allergies, or cause dermatitis. Unlike synthetic cleaners, non-toxic sea sponges do not contain chlorine, detergents, alcohol, synthetic fragrances or fibers, or other harmful substances.

Natural Oils and Sponge for relaxing beauty routine

Are Sea Sponges Good For Your Skin?

If you have been looking for a new way to help improve the look and feel of your skin, you may want to consider sea sponges. Sea sponges are safe for all skin types.

For centuries, people have been using them on their skin as a form of exfoliation and a way to clean their skin. In the past, sponges were harvested directly from the water and used fresh, but today they can be found in stores, often dry, which is even more beneficial and effective at removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Sea sponges retain many of the beneficial minerals found in both the sponges themselves and the ocean water. Sea sponges can nourish the skin with multiple nutrients to the skin including calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, and potassium.

What Is the Difference Between Sea Sponges and Loofahs?

People are often confused about the difference between a sea sponge and a loofah. There are some simple key differences between the two. While they work similarly, loofahs are made out of the dried stem of a gourd that originated in Southeast Asia, and sea sponges are harvested from the ocean (and can sometimes even be found in freshwater).

Loofahs are more popular around the world due to their availability, but sea sponges are more environmentally friendly. If you want to know the difference in how they work with your skin, you should try using both of them. Both sea sponge and loofah are quality exfoliators that help to slough off the dead skin cells and reveal the softer, newer skin cells beneath. At Harbor 17 we carry both the best quality sea sponges and loofahs.

Variety of sea sponges and loofahs for bathing

Harbor 17 offers a variety of sizes and styles.

Large Sponge: Approximately 6" x 5"

Medium Sponge: Approximately 5" x 4"

Loofah Sponge: Approximately 4" x 2”

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