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What Is Your Coastal Style?

Take our quick survey to find out your inner coastal style!

Sun-kissed young lady walking along the beach as she is holding her straw hat in the salty breeze.

1. The song you can never get enough of:

a. “Paint It Black,” by the Rolling Stones

b. “The Thrill Is Gone,” by BB King

c. “Million Years Ago,” by Adele

d. “Dancing in the Dark,” by Imagine Dragons

e. “Crazy, “ by Patsy Cline

2. Your best friend calls to go shopping. You know you’ll end up at:

a. The local flea market to score some vintage finds.

b. The art district in downtown.

c. A local quiet bookstore.

d. Your favorite clothing designer’s shop.

e. Your favorite outfitters store where they know you by name.

3. Your favorite food dish is:

a. A homemade brick oven pizza

b. Slightly Spicy Jambalaya with honey cornbread

c. French Toast with warm Main blueberries and syrup

d. Cuban Ropa Vieja

e. Homemade Chili

4. You’ll most likely find this in your car’s glove box:

a. Your car’s owner manual – perfect to pull out during a traffic jam.

b. Napkins – seriously, who doesn’t eat in the car?

c. No idea – you’ve been riding a bike for so long, who would know?

d. An emergency manicure set – nothing is more aggravating than a chipped nail.

e. A flashlight.

5. You’re perfect night out would look like this:

a. Seeing your buddy play in a gig at a local underground club while enjoying a few craft beers.

b. Dancing till late at the disco club and then to a friends for a late night cappuccino.

c. Your local seafood restaurant, enjoying the special and a lovely glass of wine.

d. With your besties checking out the newest 5-star lounge.

e. Laying on a blanket in the back of your pick-up truck gazing up at the stars.

6. The perfect vacation spot is:

a. Ireland

b. Seeing all of the sites in Bali

c. Eguisheim, France

d. Milan, Italy

e. Home, naturally

7. Your most worn item in your closet is:

a. Your leather jacket

b. Your favorite retro t-shirt

c. Your plaid oversized scarf

d. Your bikini and straw hat

e. Your hiking boots

8. You’re stranded on an island, what one item would bring?

a. A boat kit, duh.

b. Himalayan salt block for all of the fish you’re gonna cook.

c. Your favorite book. Actually, a stack of them!

d. Sunscreen – SPF like 50+!

e. Swiss Army pocketknife.