They say that food is a love language in itself and there are benefits of eating together both in mind and in body. So, why not encourage a lifestyle of community while exploring flavors and culture through meals prepared in the home's kitchen? When we sing and cook and eat together, we create life long bonds that nothing else can quite match.


Our KITCHEN | Gift Basket was designed to send to those who love food and people and quality time at home. We included quality textures and scents to ignite the senses to spark some creativity and an appetite. This basket is sure to be welcomed by any chef-in-the-making. 


Each gift basket includes:

A 60-hour burn root(e) pure soy Apothecary Candle of choice

Our Milk Street Cotton Apron

A 100% cotton Tea Towel

A 5.9 oz Dish Block® Zero Waste Dish Washing Bar

A modern Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf

A beautiful vegan White Teakwood Agave Fiber Dish Brush

A Speckled White Porcelain Measuring Scoop

Each gift basket is neatly arranged in a seagrass woven basket with colorful tissue such that when opened, it is presentable as your gift to them. Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient.