Looking to get her something special, that will encourage her to relax and indulge her senses? Our HER | Gift Basket is perfect for sending a loving luxurious self-care package to someone whom you know needs a little downtime and a bit of extra love. Whether the stresses of preparing for a wedding or for a child or navigating these turbulent times of our nation's lockdown, this specialty gift basket sends a high-quality and delightful gift that will surely encourage a bit of TLC. 


Each time they use the relaxing and self-indulging they will think of you and your generous gift! 


Each gift basket includes:

> A 60-hour burn roote pure soy Apothecary Candle of choice

> An 8 oz vegan roote Botanical Body Lotion of choice

> A modern 100% cotton Hand-Towel

> Sijo 70g of sweet, aromatic and absolutely delicious white tea blend 

> A hand-carved mango wooden spoon

Each gift basket is neatly arranged in a seagrass woven basket with colorful paper such that when opened, it is presentable as your gift to them.

Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient. Feel free to include company name and/or logo or photo for the notecard. For multiple orders, the same note may be included and addressed to each individual.

For bulk orders of 6 or more, please email us at home@harbor17.com to determine how we can best serve your company.