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AMBER + OAK | Soy Apothecary Candle

AMBER + OAK | Soy Apothecary Candle

The Amber + Oak Apothecary Candle provides an exquisite and entrancing experience with its exquisite blend of sage, lavandin, orange essential oils, delicate florals and a subtle hint of fruit. Its masterfully crafted aromas combine robust woody notes with a light and graceful aroma that appeals to both the masculine and feminine palates.


The perfect union of contrasting elements, our Amber + Oak Apothecary Candle embodies the paradox of strength and delicacy, masculine and feminine. Subtly enveloping the senses, this intoxicating mix of woody base notes, soft florals, and delicate fruity hints will make any atmosphere complete.

  • Candle Care + Maintenance Tips

    1. Keep your wick cut down to 1/4 of an inch.

    2. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

    3. Soy wax begins to liquefy at a lower heat, meaning that your candle will last longer and burn slower. Please allow the top of the candle to completely melt before blowing the wick out to maximize on fragrance strength and to provide an even melt of wax.

    4. One candle works best in a small to medium size room.

    5. Do not leave a candle unattended.

    6. Do not place a candle near flammable items.

    7. Do not leave the candle in sunlight for elongated periods of time. This could discolor your candle or lead to the potential for the wax to soften.

  • Details + Dimensions

    9 oz/255 g

    Approximate Burn Time: 60 hours depending on wick trimming

    100% SOY WAX - We utilize 100% soy, you won't find any blends sneaking in unwanted waxes here!

    PHTHALATE FREE - These can cause a myriad of health issues in certain quantities but we omit them altogether.

    PARABEN FREE - Irritants that we simply avoid.

    CARCINOGEN FREE - These are materials known or thought to cause cancer and are just a no-no for us.


    Each roote candle is made in the US with 100% American-grown soy wax. The wicks are all cotton and void of lead and zinc. The essential oils and fragrances we utilize are of a superior grade and phthalate free. roote does not utilize any additional additives as well as excludes use of color dye to ensure the natural state of the wax and burning process.


    "At Roote, we handcraft natural, botanical-based products made to compliment a natural lifestyle. Inspired from old-world craftsmanship with a clean, modern apothecary aesthetic, Roote strives to provide daily essentials utilizing only pure, clean and safe ingredients. What started from a small kitchen stove has grown into a brand with a continuous commitment to curating a growing line of sundries to further contribute to healthy living.


    Our vision for Roote stems from the desire to bring clean living to everyone at accessible price points with natural and safe ingredients. We have found a way to unite this sentiment with a contemporary aesthetic in a way that just feels right."

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