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Of those 11 hours, 6 hours are spent watching television and video. That equates to 42 hours a week on average American is watching the screen, more than a full-time job

When you look at that over the course of a year, we spend 91 full days in front of the television.


Whether it is streaming, smartphones, or on YouTube, we're spending one-fourth of the year in front of the tube!

Time spent in solitude or with friends and family outside, away from screen-time can help you reconnect to the things that really matter in life, create memories that last and build a future generation that values community and relationships.

We're encouraging you to get outside this season and discover something new and beautiful. Harbor 17 draws its inspiration from the magnificent landscape where we live. See what will inspire you!

Take a hike!

Let's take back our lives and quit the full-time job of watching TV... or at least make it a part-time job. 


Get outside to the great outdoors! Discover a great National Park near you where you can go for a walk, a hike, a swim or a ride and learn something new about nature and history.


Harbor 17 offers unique modern vintage finds to add fresh style and modern design to your waterfront living. Explore our hand-selected collections to bring depth and character to your home decor. We are sure you will find something special and a little different for your home on the water - you won't find any cheeky seashell lamps here!

Have a specific design request? Get in touch with us to see how we can help. We offer design projects for specific rooms or guest houses, or we can create a unique, one of a kind design specifically for your home or business. Let's see how we can work together.

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