Organic Unprocessed Honey in a Jar

WAI MELI Eucalyptus Blossom Honey, 5 oz


Eucalyptus Robusta typically blooms September through November, making this honey a seasonal fall harvest on our island.  When the nectar is foraged from a single floral source such as this one, the honey has a wonderfully rich brown and amber color, very smooth texture, and an intense flavor, reminiscent of the robust trees from which it is derived. 



This honey has flavor notes of butterscotch, creme brûlée, or caramelized sugar. This varietal is sure to delight your senses!


Why we love WAI MELI:


"Working with our bees and receiving this amazing product is a true labor of love. We believe beekeeping is a synthesis of many elements including farming, biology, and art. There are many variables involved in nectar selection and foraging availability; location, weather patterns, honeybee health, and hive management all play vital roles in the production of honey.


Each harvest is seasonal and determined by the preferences of the honeybees. Our honeys are unheated to maintain nutritive value and true character."

Ingredients: Raw Honey


Size: 5 oz / 151g / 4 fl oz