Every great man comes to a place in their life where the everyday mundane can no longer be tolerated. Rather, their greatness must find a broken seem to leak out of them. Whether through adversity or adventure, they must reckon with who they truly are and what they are truly capable of.



    Einstein once said, "There are two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." When choosing the latter, greatness emerges and the faith of a strong man can endure and build up.



    Finding this perspective is most often discovered in the simplicity of nature. As Luc De Clapiers once said, "Great men, like nature, use simple language."



    The RUGGED Gift speaks the simple language of a great man. Share some of these simple pleasures with a man of greatness in your life.

    Chocolate Bar

    Included in each gift:


    • A 12 oz bag of Black Rifle Vintage Roast Coffee
    • A 60-hour burn pure soy root(e) Apothecar Candle of choice
    • A Rewind black matte candle snuff
    • A speckled stoneware coffee mug
    • A wooden slice trivet
    • A 2.5 oz MAST organic chocolate bar of choice


    Each gift is neatly arranged with greenery and colorful paper such that when opened, it is presentable as your gift to them. Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient. *Please note, on rare occasions substitutions of equal or greater value may occur.