Nash | Jones HAKE + SPOON

Nash | Jones HAKE + SPOON


The perfect compliments to mix and apply your powdered mask [which require non-metal tools]. They are luxurious, biodegradable, sustainable & reusable.



Non-metal tools combo pack of a Bamboo Mixing spoon & super soft Goat Hair Application Brush for clay masks.



+ Sustainable

+ Biodegradable

+ Non-Metal needed for Clay Masks

+ Naturally antimicrobial

+ Super soft luxurious mask application

+ Reusable

Bamboo Spoon: Made with 100% Bamboo.  Rinse and wipe clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly. Rub occasionally with mineral oil to maintain appearance. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.


Hake Brush: Made with Goat Hair and a wood handle. Rinse thoroughly after use with warm water, fully air dry.