Loomia | FARIDA Linen + Turkish Cotton Throw

Loomia | FARIDA Linen + Turkish Cotton Throw


Farida is one of the most beautiful Turkish throw blankets around, making it an amazing home accessory. It is both elegant and rustic, working with any home aesthetic desired. Add this work of art to any sofa or bed with Farida. The dark crème base blends in with any surrounding color palette, and the black pattern of varying-sized cubes is absolutely gorgeous. Crème tassels at the ends literally tie this work of art together!



Made from a fifty/fifty medley of all-natural Turkish cotton and linen, Farida is dually textured. The crème has a vintage canvas feel while also being moveable and thin, while the black tiles are ultrasoft threads that dance through the fabric. Its natural fibers provide breathability, so it is never suffocatingly hot.



Also try it out as a beach or picnic blanket! Feel free to even share with pets. Since its tight weaving does not hold onto grime, one shake or wash will get rid of all dirt, fur, and odor. There is more than enough room for all the loved ones!


Full-size blanket, 53 inches by 79 inches

Medium-weight, 27 oz

50% linen, 50% Turkish cotton

Water absorbent

Dries quickly, cutting down laundry time

Becomes softer and more absorbent with every wash


Made in Turkey


Please note that our Turkish towels may slightly vary in size, weight, or color. They may also have tiny wrinkles or blemishes due to the natural fibers, which makes them unique.