There is something about deep warm earthy colors that bring about calmness, the feeling one has on a quiet, still winter's evening. We paired the Juniper Green soft cotton tea towel with the rich amber glass candle for a perfectly balanced gift to lavish on one who may be seeking a quiet peaceful night or the calmness drenched on one when walking through the forest.


The JUNIPER Gift is such a wonderful offering to usher in stillness and balance for someone.


Each gift includes:

A 60-hour burn pure soy root(e) Apothecary Candle of choice

A petit flower vase

A Rewind black matte candle snuff

A 100% cotton tea towel

A hand-made  mini bouquet of dried flowers

Each gift is neatly arranged with greenery and colorful paper such that when opened, it is presentable as your gift to them.

Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient.