New Kitty Housewarming Gift



The purrrrfect gift for the cat lover, this out-of-the-ordinary gift is filled with gifts that will surely delight the home of any feline friend.

Included in each gift:


  • A lightweight, modern pet Nooee Cat Tent, 21 inches tall by 19 inches round. Shaped in a cone with an arch opening, it includes an extra comfortable cushion that is removable. Zipper construction enables easy assembly and access throughout for cleaning including the interior. This home can be rolled up and placed into a convenient bag allowing you to carry a familiar spot for your pet when traveling.
  • A bottle of Meowling Pet Wine, 5 oz, non-alcoholic, made with organic ingredients.
  • A bag of Wildly Natural Tuna Flavored Treats; 2.5 oz/71g.
  • A can of Ocean Fish Recipe, grain-free, 2.8 oz/80g.
  • Four porcelain floating goldfish for the home (wine glass not included). 
  • A brushed bronze and silver food bowl.


Each gift basket is neatly arranged in a soft, handwoven seagrass woven basket for the pet's toys with greenery and natural wooden fill such that when opened, it is presentable as your gift to them. Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient on a card. *Please note, on rare occasions, substitutions of equal or greater value may occur.