Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soap for Gifting

FADED PLAINS | Cyprus Soap on a Rope


Our natural, handmade soap is made with skin-loving botanical oils + butters like olive oil + shea butter. These lovely soaps were inspired by traditionally made French soaps.



Good for hands + body + face.



This soap has a beautiful bright scent with a touch of rich woody balsamic. One whiff and you'll be whisked away to the Italian countryside. Think citrus + wood.

Each imperfect and rustic 4.5 oz. bar of soap is hand-cut + hand stamped + strung with hemp twine.


Ingredients: Olive oil, water, palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), shea butter, castor oil, essential oils (bergamot + juniper berry) + French green clay


These soaps come package-free and are made in small batches and minor variations may occur.


Made in United States of America