Organic Cotton Throw

DROPLET | Turkish Towel


What is not to love about the bold tones drawn from nature that make these towel stand out and add a pop of agreeable color to any space. These inviting textiles are the most versatile item you'll own.


Lightweight, airy and fast drying, turkish towels are simply superior to traditional towels - and certainly stylish. Use these as everyday towels, take them to the beach, wear them as a shawl, or use them as a blanket.


Earth | undyed organic cotton w/beige stripes.

Clay | undyed organic cotton w/terracotta stripes

Grass | undyed organic cotton w/green stripes

Ocean | undyed organic cotton w/blue stripes.


Why we love Droplet Home Goods: "Droplet is about feeling good about feeling good. It's about everyday coziness, whatever that might look like for you. It's about caring what you use in your home and your life, for you and your loved ones. And it's about bringing joy and care to those everyday moments. Life is full of calm, chaos, and everything in between. Soak in every drop and be good to yourself."

100% Organic Cotton** (Oeko-Tex & GOTS certified)

Handloomed and ethically sourced in Turkey.

Custom designed.

190 GSM (soft but lightweight & quick drying)

36 inches by 67 inches


**A lot of products are labeled "organic" but are sprayed with toxins after the crop is grown. These certifications mean that our materials are 100% organic—from the way the crops are grown, to how they are treated afterward, to the dyes that are used, to how they are made. These are the highest certifications organic cotton can receive, so you know these products come from a good place and are as pure as can be.