She was there to send you off on your first day of school, she was there with you at your first heartbreak, she was there when you welcomed your first little one into this world. And, she will be there for as long as she is able. We never really stop being mom, do we?



There is a love for mom that goes far beyond words. We sometimes just want to say, "I love you, mom!" for all of the times I didn't know to say it. This hardback book of collections of photos and quotes that will encourage her in whatever season she may be. 

Included in each gift:


  • Geoff Blackwell's photography hardback book. "Dear Mom," is a collection of amazing photographs of moms, grandmothers, and children from all over the world with beautifully incorporated quotes to encourage.
  • A 3" chrome desktop photo frame 
  • An 8 oz amber jar of root(e) vegan Botanical Body Lotion of choice
  • A 2.5 oz MAST organic chocolate bar of choice


Each gift is neatly arranged with colorful paper in a gift box and tied with a ribbon, so when opened, it is presentable to them as a gift. Additionally, each gift includes your note to the recipient. *Please note that on rare occasions, substitutions may occur with items of equal or greater value.