Whether brewed for time spent early in the morning in quiet and reflection, or enjoyed between the best of friends, coffee is synonymous with time well spent. We enjoy it not just for the energy perks, but also for slowing us down enough to smell and savor the aromas, slowly sip the warmth and splurge with a bit of sugar. Coffee truly is universal, enjoyed all of the world, and a gift of friendship and companionship.



This gift is specially designed with clean modern elements, perfect for both male and female recipients. This gift is both practical and wonderfully sharable, a sophisticated and ideal gift for any client or employee.

Included in each gift:


  • A bag of small-batch Copper Cow Coffee, Dark Roast, 8oz/250g.
  • A bottle of Nicolas Vahé Vanilla Coffee Syrup, 8.45 fl oz/250 ml. 
  • Your choice of root(e)'s 60-hour burn pure soy Apothecary Candle.
  • A set of two Nicolas Vahé sugars in jars. Salted Caramel, 3.5 oz/100g, and Rock Sugar, 2.68 ox/76g.
  • A stainless steel gold finished coffee scoop, 3 3/4 inches.


Each gift is neatly arranged with colorful tissue, ribbon, and greenery so when opened, it is presentable to them as a gift. Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient. *Please note that on rare occasions, substitutions may occur with items of equal or greater value.