Our BAXTER Gift Box Set is a wonderfully cheerful minimalist style gift for the modern family. The white & black color scheme pairs perfectly with the clean vegan all-natural products made by root(e) and will fit into any nursery.



The BAXTER Gift set will be welcomed by the new family amongst the other over-the-top, all-too-common baby gifts. Celebrate with modern style the new little coming into the world with lots of happiness and a little less superfluous clutter.

Included in each gift:


  • A Baxter the Bunny door stop
  • An 8 oz root(e) vegan Botanical Body Lotion of choice
  • A 4 oz root(e) vegan Olive Oil Soap of choice
  • A white berry basket stoneware soap dish
  • A 100% cotton large stitched tea towel


Each gift box set is neatly arranged with colorful tissue such that when opened, it is presentable to them as a gift. Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient. *Please note, on rare occasions, substitutions of equal or greater value may occur.