What is life? Why are you here? Is true fulfillment really possible?


At some point in life, we all hit that point where we wonder what it is all about. For some of us, we might hit it a few times. This forty-day spiritual journey addresses these questions and more with "poignant real-life stories, over-the-top humor, and down-to-earth Bible wisdom."


This is a perfect bedside gift for someone facing such questions or while at some cross-road in their life. Giving them a space to open up and explore how truly amazing they are can encourage them to see God's best as it unfolds for them. This forty-day journey will still their hearts and grow their confidence to move forward. 



Each gift includes:

Judah Smith's "Life is ______. Forty Day Experience," A devotional journey through God's illogical love paperback book (232 pages)

An 8 oz vegan root(e) lotion of choice

An oversized textured stoneware mug

Each gift is neatly arranged with greenery and colorful paper such that when opened, it is presentable as your gift to them.

Additionally, each basket includes your note to the recipient.