1927 Red + Sand North Carolina Tag

1927 Red + Sand North Carolina Tag


Our natural sand and red letter tin North Carolina 1927 license plate signs are perfect to add automobila charm to your modern industrial style. The size is ideal to place in smaller areas or to balance out spaces in a wall mural. 


With vintage charm, this tag is sure to spark a little curiosity from guest. Be sure to have a great story to tell about this tag when adding to your home. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone it may be a tall tale.

This 1927 License Plate Sign measures 15 inches by 5 inches. Each tag will have variations and different blemishes but overall condition will be as seen. 


Automobile tags from the twenties were often made of stamped metal. This tag is made exactly as the ones from the twenties were, having used vintage methods and plate dimensions. Numbers are stamped and painted.